International conference on full-field measurement techniques and their applications in experimental solid mechanics

Classical procedures used in experimental solid mechanics have been significantly modified by recent advances in optical measurement methods, image processing and infrared thermography. These full-field measurement techniques lead to high resolution displacement, strain and temperature maps which open new and attractive fields of investigation.

The purpose of the PhotoMechanics 2013 conference is to provide an international forum for academics and practitioners to promote the new possibilities offered by these techniques and to discuss their impact on the mechanical characterization of materials and structures.

The PhotoMechanics 2013 conference follows on from the highly successful PhotoMechanics 2006, 2008 and 2011 international conferences, held in Clermont-Ferrand (France), Loughborough (UK) and Brussel (Belgium), respectively. Both events attracted over 120 delegates from 17 different countries.



The main conference themes are:

  • development and application of surface imaging techniques such as Moiré interferometry, grid methods, photoelasticity, digital image correlation, speckle interferometry and digital holography in experimental solid mechanics
  • development and application of volume imaging techniques such as tomography (XRT, MRI, …), 3D photoelasticimetry
  • optical techniques for biomechanical applications
  • techniques for measurement on nano- and micro- lengthscales and application to micromechanics
  • detection and characterization of cracks, damage and fatigue
  • infrared thermography and its application to thermomechanics
  • stress and strain field analysis
  • identification of the mechanical behaviour of materials and structures from full-field measurements